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Following the temporary postponement of its services since the middle of March, as a result of the EU and Cyprus government restrictions of movement, as part of the efforts for fencing-off the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the gradual lift of these measures, Center of Excellence of the University of Cyprus, announces the relaunch of its volunteer donor programme. The Biobank of the Center of Excellence will begin taking biological samples for the donors starting Monday, June 1st.

As part of its precautionary measures, issued a relevant press release in the end of May, asking from the volunteer donors to book their appointments with the Biobank staff prior to arriving at its premises, in order to avoid the possibility of overcrowding its facilities. At the same time, the Center of Excellence reassured the public that it has taken all the necessary precautionary measures against the spreading of the Covid-19, in order to protect both the volunteer donors as well as its personnel. In this context it has procured the necessary protective equipment, including consumables such as antiseptic, masks, gloves and so forth to provide the donors upon their arrival to the Biobank. Meanwhile, it has advised the public that in case some of them are experiencing any possible symptoms of corona virus such as temperature, coughing, chest pains, breathing problems, diarrhea or any loss of taste and smell, to wait until having fully recovered before booking an appointment with the Biobank.

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