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As part of our awareness raising campaign and in attempt to boost the outreach of our island-wide donors campaign, beyond the area of Nicosia, organized, in collaboration with the Municipalities of the wider Kyrenia region, Karavas and Lapithos, a lecture on the subject “The genetic heritage of the Cypriots & Biobanking and Biomedical Research of the Next Generation”. Keynote speaker was the Director of our Center of Excellence, Professor Constantinos Deltas. We would like to especially thank the Mayors of Karavas, Mr. Nicos Hadjistephanou and Lapithos, Mr. Neoptolemos Kotsapas, for hosting these events at the premises of the Municipalities and for collaborating closely with us in organizing them. We would like to also warmly thank the people of Karavas and Lapithos, who despite the various restrictions in numbers etc, in the context of fencing off the Covid-19 pandemic, responded positively to and showed great interest in the analysis of the Professor and the island-wide campaign of our Biobank.

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