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In the context of celebrating a year since the beginning of the CY-Biobank research project, our team, including the team of our advanced partners RTD Talos and collaborators from the e-Health Lab of the University of Cyprus, gathered together for a short celebration. Unfortunately the restrictive measures for fencing-off the Covid-19 pandemic did not allow us this year to organize an open public event and enjoy the honor of having you with us in this celebration. We are hopping to having you with us next year, this time round, when we are expecting to have even more results of this 7-year long project to share with you. Ceasing the moment of this mini-gathering, we took the opportunity to give credit where credit is due, honouring our long-term colleague and researcher Dr Gregory Papagregoriou with the Excellence Award for 2020, for his precious contribution to the Center. We wish him the best of luck for next year!
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