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Message by the Austrian Ambassador in Cyprus

By November 1, 2021December 22nd, 2021No Comments

The idea of ​​creating a Biobank in Cyprus seems fascinating and undoubtedly prepares the way towards a better medical future. Austria strives to support its EU partner country Cyprus as best as possible in realizing this project. This includes a regular scientific exchange with the Medical University of Graz in Styria as well as regular consultations between the Biobank´s Steering Committee and the Embassy of Austria in Cyprus. It is therefore my honor to proactively accompany all further developments of the largest Biobank in Cyprus. The Biobank has indeed found an important and profound partner in the Cypriot Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy and therefore strives to pass on its bundled knowledge academically on the one hand and to work efficiently with other partner organizations in Cyprus on the other hand. Despite the great interest of the general public in the various activities of biobanks it should be avoided that newly emerging biobanks understand each other as being in an internal competitive relationship. Co-operation on a larger scale under one umbrella is much more important than competition. Cyprus therefore does not need an uncontrolled proliferation of competing biobanks due to the lack of national legal provisions, which is why the imminent creation of a separate Biobank Law in Cyprus would be very welcome. Existing funds for the further expansion of the Biobank should be spent as effectively as possible. I am therefore extremely pleased that the planning of a separate institute building for the Biobank is on its way. The fact that the new Biobank Institute will be located in the immediate vicinity of the University of Cyprus appears to be particularly beneficial for possible scientific synergies in the future. It is my sincere wish, that this particular project of co-operation between Austria and Cyprus will become a unique story of success.

Dorothea Auer, Ambassador of Austria in Cyprus

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