Academic Council of

In the context of fulfilling the obligations as per the Regulations of the University of Cyprus (UCY-General regulations for the Centers of Excellence and Research Units, 1999-), as well as establishing as an overarching governing body for, the Center of Excellence (CoE thereafter) has set up in 2020 a 5-member Academic Council. The Council is mainly responsible for decisions on matters related to its scientific activities and research planning, Biobanking development, funding challenges and administration, amongst others.

The chairman of the Academic Council is the Director of the CoE who is responsible for the day to day activities of the Center. The Director is appointed by the Senate for a period of five years (with possibility of renewal) according to the rules drawn up by the Senate and approved by the UCY Council.  The Academic Council meets every four months (or more frequently if it is necessary) and an agenda is prepared by the CoE Director prior to the meeting.

The Academic Council submits CoE’s annual budget to the Senate. In addition, the CoE prepares and submits to the Senate an annual report describing past year’s activities including details of income and expenses. For the duration of the CY-Biobank Project, similar reports must be submitted to the UCY Research and Budget Offices as well as to the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy (Cyprus). The activities of the CoE are evaluated 6 months prior to 5-year term of the Director, based on criteria stipulated by the Senate and a decision is made regarding continuing of operations.

Members of the UCY that work at the CoE research programs can be invited at the Academic Council meetings as observers.

The current composition of the Academic Council is as follows:

Prof. Constantinos Deltas

Dr. Gregory Papagregoriou
Chief Scientist

Dr. Constantinos Parperis

Prof. Fofi Constantinidou
Department of Psychology,University of Cyprus

Fofi Constantinidou is Professor of Psychology & Director of Center for Applied Neuroscience, University of Cyprus. She is a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist (US and Cyprus), a certified brain injury specialist (CBIS-ABIS) and a neurorehabilitation researcher. Prior to her return to Cyprus, she was Professor of Speech Pathology and Audiology at Miami University, Ohio, USA. Fofi and her interdisciplinary team at the Neurocognitive Research Laboratory, Center for Applied Neuroscience (University of Cyprus) explore the neurophysiological substrates of neuropsychological disorders resulting from acquired brain conditions and the development of effective neurorehabilitation methodologies. Her research has been supported by competitive grants (>11m euros; 4.5m euros as Coordinator) from the National Institutes of Health, the European Union and the Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation (RIF). Fofi holds various leadership positions in Cyprus, the US, and other European and International organizations and serves on several Advisory Boards. She has received several awards for her contributions, including the Research and Innovation Foundation’s Distinguished Researcher Award (2013) and the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM) Distinguished Member Award (2019). She is Fellow of the American Speech Language and Hearing Association and of the ACRM.

Dr. Nikolas Dietis
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, University of Cyprus

Dr. Mariel Voutounou