Internal Ethics Advisory Board


The Internal Ethics Advisory Board (IEAB) offers advice on internal or external material/data requests submitted to the Biobank. The IEAB activity does not substitute the role of the Cyprus National Bioethics Committee, or any other appropriate ethics body/Institutional Review Board, the approval of which is a prerequisite for any request of data/material submitted to the Biobank.

The Board ensures that the research and aims of projects requesting to use Biobank data and/or material conform to internationally and locally accepted ethical guidelines, taking into consideration the avoidance of duplication of ongoing research projects. IEAB may also assist in setting policies and may offer opinions on ongoing ethical issues in research. The IEAB meets every 4 – 6 months and receives updates when necessary.

Dr. Aristotelis Constantinides
Associate Professor of Law,
University Of Cyprus

Dr.Tatiana-Eleni Synodinou
Professor of Law,
University Of Cyprus

Dr. Gregory Papagregoriou, Senior Group Leader

Despina Roussou
Cyprus Federation of  Patients’ Associations

Dr. Georgia Charalambidou
ELSI Special Scientist/Researcher