International Scientific Advisory Committee

The International Scientific Advisory Committee is composed of six renowned scientists in their respective fields from five different countries, UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, and Qatar. The Committee meets once a year and discusses issues regarding the activities of the Center of Excellence and ways to promote its research studies in pursuit of better health outcomes. The experts also advise on avenues to attract more funding.

Dr.  Nahla Afifi
Qatar National Research
Fountation, Qatar Biobank

Prof. Aristidis S. Charonis 
Biomedical Research Foundation
of Academy of Athens

Prof. Maria Luisa Lavitrano
University of Milano-bicocca, Italy 

Prof. Daniel Gale
University College London, UK

Prof. Robert Hewitt
Carmarthen, UK

Prof. Oliver Gross 
Universitätsmedizin Göttingen,

Prof. Constantinos Deltas