Education Hub

The Education Hub disseminates vital knowledge, promotes ongoing learning, empowers stakeholders, bridges information gaps, and contributes to informed decision-making and the growth of the community.

The Education Hub, one of the five pillars of the Center of Excellence (CoE), plays a pivotal role in realizing our Mission Statement Triangle, focusing on Research, Education, and Innovation.

The primary aim of the Education Hub is to empower various stakeholders, including researchers, healthcare professionals, research participants, and the wider public, including adolescents and minors through the provision of comprehensive knowledge in biobanking, biomedical research, and associated ethical, legal, and societal issues (ELSI). To achieve these objectives, we embrace both formal and informal learning processes, ensuring a continuous flow of knowledge from one generation to the next, fostering intellectual growth.

Through the active organization of educational initiatives, we aim to bridge information gaps, cultivate informed decision-making, and contribute to broader educational and public engagement objectives. This commitment underscores our dedication to disseminating knowledge and community engagement, integral to our mission. Our diverse educational initiatives are a crucial part of our community growth, addressing the diverse needs of all stakeholders.

The Education Hub at the CoE, with its ongoing evolution and diverse initiatives, actively plays a key role in cultivating a vibrant and intellectually stimulating atmosphere within the research community, aimed at educating and engaging the citizen-scientist.


Internships for early-stage researchers and high school students at premises, providing valuable hands-on experience and practical learning within our academic and research environment. This encompasses internships under Erasmus + Student Mobility and Erasmus + Staff Mobility for Training.

Lectures and educational material

Lectures and educational material creation for academia, exemplified by our collaboration with the Medical University of Graz for the MSc in Biobanking and participation as a partner in the SCIBIOEU project, an Erasmus+ KA2 initiative developing an innovative course for young scientists.

Lay language educational material

Development of lay language educational material linking complex scientific concepts with the broader public, including research participants.

Educating young citizens

Educating young citizens through the organization of Science Labs, participating in UCY Summer Academies and educational projects.

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