The scientific aim of PerMediK is to support the development of a path towards personalized medicine in chronic kidney disease (CKD), based on multidimensional omics data (Big Data). This field is mature enough (through the existence of ample molecular data, promising therapeutic targets, and markers) to move to the next step of clinical implementation, however, this is stalled by communication gaps, lack of proper multi-disciplinary interactions, and maintenance of isolated rather than coordinated activities. This Action provides the urgently needed multi-disciplinary communication/dissemination platform bringing together a collation of pan-European expertise, representing diverse scientific fields (nephrology, several –omics areas, bioinformatics, biomarker and drug development), origin (academia, industry, links to policymakers and patient groups) and career levels. It will base upon developments and findings of several previous and ongoing European research initiatives, allowing maximal use of existing resources and coordinating activities on all critical aspects of CKD personalized medicine (from the selection and validation of CKD relevant datasets and algorithms to establishing their translational value). The expected impact includes accelerating the introduction of new technologies and therapies for the benefit of CKD patients, hence tackling a major global health problem, guidance for future research in personalized medicine, boosting innovation and European capacities. Even more: educating Early Career Investigators in the exponentially growing area of precision medicine and through the PerMediK ‘inclusive’ mindset, disseminating know-how and tools from centers of excellence to researchers and geographical areas with no regular access to such capacities, promoting European research as a whole.

Title: Personalized medicine in chronic kidney disease: improved outcome based on Big Data


Coordinator: Joachim Jankowski, University Hospital RWTH Aachen


Funding Body: EU Commission