SCIBIOEU project 

The objectives of  the proposal have a  very  good  relevance  to  the topic “Stimulating innovative Learning and Teaching Practices”, it proposes the creation of a “Serious Game”, as well as the use of a collaboration platform for the development of innovative educational tools.  It  also  has  a  very  good  relevance  to  the  horizontal  topic  “Common  values,  civic engagement  and  Participation”,  proposing  the  cooperation  of organisations in  different European  countries  for  the establishment of  common  methods  of  informing  the  public regarding the need for their participation in the creation of European biobanks. It also has a  good  relevance  to  the  topic of  Higher  Education  “Building  inclusive  high  Education systems”, since it proposes the collaborative development of educational material and its adaptation to the particular requirements of each country or population category.  
The  participating  organizations  have  the  necessary  relevance  to  the  subject,  either  of biobanks, or of the development of educational material for adults. The needs that the project is expected to cover are clearly presented. All the activities have innovation  in  the  way  of  implementation  (use  of  a  collaboration  platform  for  the development of the educational material) and in the type of educational material (“Serious Game”),  while  the  Coordinator  of  the  Proposal  is  a  new organisation in  the Erasmus+ program. The  complementarity  with  other  actions  of  the  participating organisations is  clearly supported,  as  well  as the  added  value  of  the  action  at  the  European  level  (providing corresponding   training   opportunities   in   different   European   countries,   but   also   the possibility of changes of the educational material according to the needs of specific parts of the population).
For additional information on the project please contact the project organizer Mr. Vasileios Zogopoulos  [email protected]