Nestled at the epicenter of groundbreaking scientific discovery, the Center of Excellence shines as a beacon of progress in the dynamic realm of biomedical research. We proudly operate the first Biobank approved by the Cyprus National Bioethics Committee, housed within the thriving environment of the University of Cyprus. 

At, we are not just a facility; we are a national health resource with a global impact. Our mission is to reshape the healthcare landscape in Cyprus and beyond. We are driven by an unwavering commitment to scientific excellence, innovation, and the advancement of medical research. Through meticulous curation, our Biobank invites healthy volunteers and patients battling various diseases to enroll, contributing their invaluable blood samples and medical information. These contributions are the cornerstone of numerous research studies, paving the way for enhanced medical care, not only for the present generation but also for generations to come. 

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Our Center of Excellence is more than just a repository; it’s a hub of scientific exploration. We offer a comprehensive and diverse collection of biological samples, coupled with meticulous data, to scientists, clinicians, and researchers worldwide. By fostering collaborative efforts and promoting knowledge exchange, we accelerate research, and drive innovation in healthcare. 

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At,  we have a firm commitment to upholding the highest standards of scientific integrity and ethics. Our center stands on five pillars of excellence, ensuring that every endeavor we undertake is characterized by precision, quality, ethics, and professionalism. Our ongoing projects showcase our dedication to pushing the frontiers of medical knowledge and finding solutions to the most pressing healthcare challenges. 

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We welcome you to dive into our realm of scientific breakthroughs and innovation. You can join us as a participant in our groundbreaking projects, apply for access to our invaluable samples, or contribute to advancing patient care. 

Explore our initiatives and ongoing projects to understand how you can play a role in shaping the future of healthcare in Cyprus. Together, let’s embark on our mission to transform lives through science. 

            We invest in biobanking, we invest in a healthier Cyprus

The Timeline of Excellence: A Journey Through the Center of Excellence

The inception of our Biobank was made possible through a competitive external funding initiative championed by our Director, Professor Constantinos Deltas and his colleagues. This funding, sourced from an infrastructure Strategic Program, was a collaborative effort co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus via the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation. With a substantial sum of €2 million, this endeavor marked the genesis of the first-ever Biobank in Cyprus. Notably, amidst a competitive procedure of 42 applications, our project emerged first and victorious through a rigorous 2-phase selection process. In 2011, we earned the esteemed approval of the Cyprus National Bioethics Committee, granting us the privilege to operate for the next 25 years, after which approval for extension will be sought. 

In a groundbreaking partnership with the Medical University of Graz, the European Biobanking consortium BBMRI-ERIC, and the esteemed research company RTD Talos, the Molecular Medicine Center of the University of Cyprus embarked on a transformative journey. Through successful application to the European Commission’s H2020-WIDESPREAD-01-2018-2019: Teaming Phase 2 program, we were granted a substantial €15 million. This funding injection aimed to bolster our research capabilities and elevate our medical biobanking infrastructure to meet European standards. The ambitious project, titled “Biobanking and the Cyprus Human Genome Project (CY-Biobank),” received additional support of €15 million from the Government of Cyprus and €8 million from the University of Cyprus. This significant funding, spanning 15 years from October 1, 2019, to September 30, 2034, fueled our mission to expand biobanking activities. Central to our objectives was the enhancement of donor numbers through the general population and the diversity of disease conditions served. 

Crucially, quality management emerged as a cornerstone of our endeavors. To attract stakeholders and ensure trust in research results, the Biobank prioritized implementing and maintaining stringent quality management measures. This dedication led to our obtaining of ISO 9001 and pursuing ISO 20387 certifications, setting rigorous standards for our operations. 

Importantly, the CoE, in its new structure and organization chart, it hosts five different pillars: a) the Biobank, b) the Molecular Medicine Research Center, the research arm of the CoE, c) the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory which serves the medical and patient community filling an important void, d) the Education hub, and e) the Innovation hub. 

Join us as we pioneer innovation, transform lives, and shape the future of scientific research in the realm of biobanking and biomedical sciences. Together, we are forging a legacy that resonates far beyond the confines of our lab, illuminating the path for future breakthroughs and advancements.  

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