BETTER4U aims to unveil the interplay between obesity biological and lifestyle determinants and close the current gap between research and effective personalized interventions for obesity prevention. Building on previous key projects and biobanks, the project will focus on the hitherto neglected impact of the polygenic background of weight gain on the effectiveness of lifestyle interventions for weight management in people with overweight/obesity. Using this new knowledge, BETTER4U will develop, evaluate and promote evidence-based, sustainable, personalized lifestyle interventions to prevent and tackle obesity across multiple age groups. The BETTER4U project will be realized through the following objectives: 1. To comprehensively understand and decipher genetics, metabolomics, microbiota, socio-economic, geographical, cultural and lifestyle features linked to weight gain throughout the life course, via a meta-analysis (BETTER4U data from >100 studies and >1 million individuals) and extensive literature meta-review. 2.To develop the BETTER4U intervention methodology for weight gain prevention, based on a causal AI model of obesity determinants and a pilot study in 7 European countries. 3.To deploy technology-assisted, real-time monitoring tools to measure detailed behavioral indicators and their relation to the environmental context. 4.To evaluate the efficacy of the novel BETTER4U intervention methodology in a controlled, randomized clinical trial, based on individually-tailored recommendations for lifestyle change. 5.To maximize transferability and applicability of the BETTER4U intervention methodology by identifying barriers and facilitators of the implementation, as well as to evaluate implementation outcomes in both participants and stakeholders. 6. To develop and disseminate the BETTER4U pioneering intervention methodology guidelines towards the prevention of overweight/obesity, as well as the successful delivery of a people-centered, sustainable care approach.

Title: Preventing obesity through Biologically and bEhaviorally Tailored inTERventions for you


Coordinator: Georgios Dedoussis, Harokopio University


Funding Body: EU Commission