Since its creation, Biobanking and BioMolecular resources Research Infrastructure – European Research Infrastructure Consortium (BBMRI-ERIC) has made a remarkable contribution to European and international cutting-edge research, as one of the largest RI for health research and in life sciences in Europe. 2023 marking its 10-year anniversary, BBMRI-ERIC is facing a unique moment to look into the long-term future and to develop its strategy for the next decade to ensure long-term sustainability. The EvolveBBMRI project aims to further develop BBMRI-ERIC for the benefit of its scientific communities and users, increase its capacity to serve EU policy priorities and further deepen its collaboration with industry. The project is structured in four thematic pillars: 1) Acceleration of datafication of biobanks and biomolecular resources to enable reproducible advanced medical research in support of EU health priorities ; 2) Teaming with industry towards greener biobanking; 3) Long-term sustainability measures for BBMRI addressing also RI landscape gaps; and 4) Strengthened approach to training and outreach activities to maximise impact. The project will ensure the implementation of specific results on 6 key target groups: a) Scientific community (Universities, Hospitals, Research centres); b) BBMRI-ERIC National Nodes, Biobanks in Europe and beyond; c) Industry and private foundations; d) Policy- and decision-makers at national and European levels; e) European and International networks and f) Donors, Patients and Citizens. EvolveBBMRI activities and outputs within its four Pillars will increase the long-term sustainability of BBMRI-ERIC and will thus contribute to a better structured and strengthened European research infrastructure landscape. Ultimately, the project will contribute to increase the scientific excellence to better tackle scientific and societal challenges and to expand and secure global competitiveness of the European Research Area.

Title: Accelerating datafication for support of EU health priorities, greening of biobanks and integrated approach to “One Health”


Coordinator:Jens Habberman, BBMRI-ERIC


Funding Body: EU Commission